Monday, March 5, 2012

The beggining of the state of the hops, lets blog

Hey everyone from the beer guru, the prince of ales from "The Less desirables".  I am up and running and will continue up to date. 

Went to City Beverage looking for great beer and Damian, must have missed him.  Found Brian Attridge, we picked up some great beers from Olde Hickory Brewery that we will try this coming Wednesday. Tune in.

Also went to Bob's Big Gas subs had great found and of course beer, Copper line amber was great and Greenman's Porter was robust. Enjoyed it Brian, Thanks.

Prince of ales pub currently has Highland Gaelic, the barley babes favorite and Four Friends Queen City Red ale is superb. Both on tap.

Also enjoyed some Shipyard Export Ale with the neighbors and always a fan favorite,  Eric, Dana and Craig enjoyed it. Great time men. 

Thats it for now and tune in for this Wednesday's podcast. Guru out